Please help me with my drive, it has 1 tera of data ( VERY IMPORTANT )

hi all, i have a 1TB WDGreen edition 16mb cash hardisk, it was working very great, one day i just started my pc, my pc shows that there is a bios error, then when windows started, my 1TB hardisk dosen’t work!, it was 2 particions, now its only one, and its size is 31.8 MB ONLY!!! anyone knows how to fix the hardisk ?

here is a screen shot of it!

Try contacting the following data recovery centers.

gigabyte m/b? see

R u able to detect your HDD? If Yes, I can Help You out.


Thank you for your help, but i live in jordan i didn’t find anything related to the middle east out there!


THANK YOOOOUU SOO MUCH, now i can see all my data like MAGIC! thank you for ur help, yes i have gigabyte motherboard, maybe i should update my bios ? thank’s a ton again!


thank you a lot, yes i’ve been able to detect my hardisk and i can see all my data now, thank you for ur help mohammed