Please help me setup my EX2 Ultra - clueless!

Hi - I have searched for answers already but I can’t find help. I am following the directions from but it’s not making sense to me. I’ve got as far as creating an account and password and I can access the dashboard. I don’t know what to do next. I just wanted a simple way to store and backup files!

I can see the device in “Network” on file explorer but if I double click it takes me to the dashboard. I have no idea how to add my files to it.

Thanks in advance.

EDIT - I’ve now downloaded the PDF user manual for EX2 Ultra. It mentions downloading WDsync but that was not an option when I set up this device - I must have missed it. If I can install that now, will that solve my problem?

Please help me!!

I have installed WDsync but on “Select your My
Cloud storage device” it cannot detect any devices and when I try and login to Mycloud (to see my devices) it says “The remote server returned an error (401) Unauthorized.”

EDIT - I managed to login by saying I’d forgotten the password (I hadn’t) and then I created a “new” password (it was the same one) and then was able to login during the setup of WDsync. However it still says no device detected.

I am stuck!

try typing in \mycloudex2ultra or \[IP address of your NAS] from your PC file explorer to access the storage space form your PC.

Here is a KB article that may also help depending on the Windows version you use -