Please help me setup an nfs server on my windows box? advice on which nfs sever software?

getting tired of dealilng with some of the stuttering and lockups using CIFS/SAMBA shares and i’ve read that setting up an NFS share may be the ticket. i’m hoping someone could give some advcie and recommend a program to do this…

thanks in advance

How did you setup your Samba share? setting up NFS share shouldn’t be any different me thinks, don’t you have the option when setting a share to go with Samba or NFS?

I may be wrong, someone who has done this recently will hopefully chime in.

Hope you’ll get it sorted.

Best way is to setup a NFS-Server. The Access to it is different to Samba Shares. You have to enter the IP of the client-system in the Server-Setup. In Linux you have the NFS already implemented. Some NAS also have this. I use the DNS320 with my WD. I have no experience settings up NFS-Server on a windows system. There are some programs around. Maybe you google for it.



P.S.: Sorry, my english is not very good.