Please help me please :'(

I need some help about my WD cavier blue hard disk drive :frowning: It always shows on the computer boot screen (I mean hard drive model number and etc) but when the desktop starts and I go to my computer then it doesn’t show my hard disk partitions :frowning: but when I put my windows installation disk then try to install new windows then all my partitions shows up once again :frowning: actually the partition get disappeared after I shut down my computer for 5-6 hour :frowning: plz help me fixing it (I am using 2 hdd at a same computer thats why I was able to start my computer even though my WD cavier blue didn’t showed any partition because my windows is installed in another hard disk)

Hello and welcome to the WD community.

Have tried switching SATA cable son your computer to see if the drive shows up on the computer?