Please help me...I have deleted my files

Hi there,

I don’t write very well into english so I’ll try to explain my problem.

I have created a new share folder called PERSONAL, it is private folder. I tried to see files stored in that folder with my media center. But I was not able to do it, so I created a new user called MEDIA that had access to PERSONAL folder (togheter admin). In the interface I saw a new shared folder called MEDIA (?!). So decided to delete it, but this operation cancelled PERSONAL folder too!!! It’s crazy! I don’t wanted delete PERSONAL folder but only MEDIA folder that the system had created when I have created MEDIA user…I don’t understand…what I wrong??

I am afraid because now I don’t see PERSONAL folder…is it deleted? My God…how I can solve this problem??
 I don’t want delete that folder but only MEDIA…please help me. In the italian forum I am not able to get help and I am very afraid…

Try login to the dashboard and see if the share still showing

go to //mybooklive

Thank you for reply. What mean “go to //mybooklive”? Do you mean that I must go in " http://mycloud.local/UI/#" ??

Anyway I don’t see the folder…now I see only a PUBLIC folder and a MEDIA folder…but this is a non sense…

Peraphs  is it a bug in the application?

Looks like you deleted the wrong share :confounded:

No no…I have not touch that share…for this I think that peraphs it is a bug…?? I was not so ■■■■■ to delete my folder where I had stored many e many personal files… :frowning:

What I can do? If I get hard disk (one of them) and I connect it into docking usb…I can recovery files with a recovey files software?..

I just went through the steps you describe in your first post.  nothing happened when I deleted the Media share …  The Personal share remained as expected…

When you first created the “personal” share, which user owned it?

I was an administrator…when I created folder ‘PERSONALE’ I was an administrator.  I don’t understand why WD have had that behaviour…I have not deleted that share…it’s very crazy situation…