Please help me before i throw my my cloud off a cliff!

Before i try and explain my problem i’d just like to say i have looked everywhere on this forum and google for a fix and can’t find anything. I have found a few cases similar to mine but none of the fixes are straight forward or actually explain how to fix :confused:

The problem:

I can’t access my WD My Cloud through " my network" , I used to be able to scroll through the folders and files from my network however now one links me to the twonky server page and the other takes me into the Hard drives settings.

I have tried everything i can image, Someone please help me !!!

It’s gotten to the point where i have stopped using the hard drive all together

I pulled this image off the internet

Since it appears you are using Windows 10 see the tacked first thread of this subforum. Windows 10 has certain problem with the My Cloud.

If it worked before, but isn’t now, have you tried shutting down your router, waiting about a minute and then restarting it?

What changes, if any, have you made to your My Cloud?

All of your computers should be showing up under Network but I don’t see any showing.


It very well could be one of the Win10 issues, but it also could just be an any version of Windows issue. On both my Win 7 and Win 8 laptops my My Cloud (and any other devices) can disappear from my Network listing for some reason or another. So, on either PC, I just refresh the Network listing in Win File Explorer by clicking cursor into Network, and hit the Refresh Network button; at the top of the screen near right side there is an up and down arrow for Win 7 or a curved arrow for Win 8, and most all the time all devices show back up. These refresh arrows can refresh any other category, too, for example if cursor is in Computer, it will refresh that section.

On rare occasions if this doesn’t do the trick, I may need to reboot my router and PC, but not often.

To verify that the problem is with Windows (10 or otherwise), open a command window (enter: CMD in the search box) then enter the following command at the prompt:

net view /all

You should get a listing of all your computers, routers and network attached storage devices (like the WDMyCloud) - see my sample below.

If nothing is listed, or if some computers are listed and the WDMyCloud is not it means that Windows Discovery service is not functioning correctly. This is most likely a Windows problem, and is an acknowledged Windows 10 issue.

If it isn’t listed there it doesn’t mean, however, that the WDMyCloud isn’t active or functional. Use the Network search in Windows Explorer. You will find it listed there and you can create a shortcut for easy access.


Paul I think a better way you may like is to use the free lan scan program found and described here. It gives even more info:

That’s the program I use. I said “LANscanner” and I should have said “LANscan”. The image in the message above was a simple Windows CMD not the output from LANscan. Sorry, my bad.


I think I see TWO Asus routers in use on your screen shot, or is one not a router?
(I also use a RT-N66U router, and it is my MASTER).

Actually I have 5 routers in my network; 3 are functioning routers (1 is also the gateway) and two are an AP & BRIDGE between 2 remote segments. Only the two ASUS routers are set to run Samba.


Gee, sorry I asked! :astonished:

Seriously, I have thought that one router is sufficient, although I did once have an AP going because of poor coverage problems with the old (and retired) G router signal… Today, I have my Asus router going which paints the whole house with Wi-Fi pretty well, and for where it doesn’t, I have three WD range extenders going that fill in; one for 2.4G, one for 5G, and one for a separate 5G channel with an EXT in name to cover a quite weak spot only the affected devices are connected to. (for the Fire TV stick and Chromecast2 bubble), because they are always “doing something” to communicate with their Mother Ships and seem to degrade my regular 5G signal a little, (and don’t when on their own range extender.) Nice device,.There are still a few new ones that can be found for around $25 each.

You have a lot going on with only 1 router! Do you re-boot it often?

I need the two AP & BRIDGE routers (Engenius equipment - highly recommended for wireless links) because I have two houses here about 1/2 Km apart and rather than give an extra $75 a month to my local cable company I run the 2nd house off the 1st house. :grinning:

An older Netgear router (with wi-fi disabled) serves my TV, sat box and Blueray player. I love re-purposing old gear!


You ask me an interesting question Paul. I often do reboot it and modem; especially If I haven’t done so in a month or so. A few nights ago, I was using 5G to stream video on the iPad, and my 5G signal just went “poof”. Wired was ok, 2.4 G was ok, so I rebooted router. First time for that experience. But, as you know, our ASUS router is a workhorse and can handle it all, I believe; up to 99 connections

You do give me an idea. I have two new WD N750 routers I got new for $20 ea. when WD liquidated the My Net. One, I intended to use when we car travel, but most places have pulled their wired connections and I am stuck with often crummy wireless. Anyway, I could put the Fire TV stick and Chromecast2 on a separate WD router. The only thing in home using 2.4G today is the Amazon Echo. It could also connect to WD router. I have a wired house and a network switch at 4 wall locations. I have about a dozen Ethernet connections in network switches in large entertainment cabinet. Add a couple iPhones and iPads and some Kindle tablets, printers, 3 laptops and a WD NAS and well, the ASUS Traffic Manager recently showed 32 devices connected to network, so yes, a lot going on here for just two people Not all gadgets are doing work at once though! Likely won’t do it; not really necessary and a bit of an added hassle. Oh well.

What you need to do is ‘enable’ the Samba or file sharing protocol in all of the routers on your network. In the ASUS world you will find it under [USB Application] and then under [Media Services and Servers]. Select the [Network Place (Samba) Share/ Cloud Disk] tab and set [Enable Share] to ON. You do not need to have an actual external USB drive attached - it just needs to start the Samba server. Then, sit back and wait for an hour but be sure to power down all Windows 10 systems during that hour. At some point those wonderful ASUS routers will elect one of them as the Master Browser and then the Windows 10 systems will once again show the WDMyCloud and all the other computers in [Network].



Not sure why you told me this as I did not mention a problem here. I did this a long time ago, and when I did so I also noticed all my master browser problems with the WDTV went away. I also have a small portable 1TB drive attached to router full of media files I can access from anywhere using the ASUS AiCloud app. Very handy.

A screen shot of my network via lanscanner program; notice that the router is the master browser (permanently):