Please help mbwe after update twonky shows nothing


Please help just done the firmware update on my 1tb mbwe white light everything went through correctly but now I can browse the had from one of my computers on my network but no others that previously did before work now and when I log onto the twonky media browser it now shows no media at all but when I browse from my laptop directly its still all there I have tried resetting and tried a re scan but still nothing please help


You made a big mistake that you upgrade your firmware to version 1.02.04. It’s BUGgy.

Read details on


Tell me about it IM not happy at all you assume that if the official link to upgrade the product is there that it will be tested fully first I have now had to resort to hours of learning Linux so I could turn off twonky for now and use an alternative as wd will not not respond to my emails and I can’t wait for next update if there will be one