Please help - How to setup a regular backup of my old SBS2003 Server files with WD My Book Live Duo

Hi all,

I have an old SBS2003 server that I just want to schedule weekly backups to my WD but I can’t work out how to do it.

I have been toild that it may not be possible to do this as the old server software may not support this ??

this is waht my screen looks like… where the server files are in the Network “L” drive and the WD My Book Live Duo is found inter the “Networks” tab on the side.


What backup software are you using?

Are you able to access the drive directly?


Thanks for responding…

I am not using any particular backup software. What is provided with SBS2003 is currently backing up nightly (in a hit and miss fashion) to another external USB HDD but I would like to utilise the WD My Book Live Duo for the …or another backup source that can then be accessed remotely which it can. I just am not sure how to set it up so I can make that happen. 

Apparantely the old SBS2003 does not support backup to a network drive ?

To answer your other question… “Can I access the WD drive directly”?..

I think I can access it directly via the server through “My Computer” and just Copy and Paste the files across to the WD drive but I have to go and log into the server and do that manually every time.

I can only access the WD drive’s Web access page if using another computer connected to the network.

I hope that gives you a better picture… Obviously I am not a computer or networking genius but aside from calling in the IT support company that we use for our small business of 5 staff…I am the administrator that tries my best to make things work.

Many thanks…