PLEASE Help --> How do I remove found virus on my passport elite

Ran my normal Norton scan on my Mac & my passport – to my surprise for the 1st time I had virus!!

Norton cleaned my MAC, however when it attempted to clean the passport – got ‘Unable to delete’ message.

I have search everywhere & can find direction on how best to move forward to fix problem.

Can someone please direct me on how to remove virus or clean the external drive and start all over again free of virus?

thank you !


If it were me, I would be asking Norton support since their program cleaned up the Mac, then it should clean up the drive, I would think. We who use Norton pay for their support every time we renew our annual subscription, and it is they who I feel would need to help me.

I contacted them and they tried to repair the passport drive but were unable due to a ‘unable to repair’ message. They advise that i get with WD for help. So, here i am — seeking help.

Well, good try, and too bad they couldn’t get it fixed. Your next call ought to be to WD support (unless someone jumps in here with the miracle cure. Here is a tip (and it holds true for Norton as well.) When you call WD you will get to the first level of Support and often they cannot solve a problem like yours. If they can’t get anywhere on this, and they don’t suggest sending you to a level two person, then you tell them you need to be transferred to the level two support. Same can be said for Norton; if they did not bump you up to the next support level, they did not do their job correctly. Good luck.

Mike - thanks. I called WD support and within 5 mins my passport was clean, virus free & I am performing a new backup! thank you so much for you words of wisdom!

So, what was the solution WD came up with!

Simply, they shared that the best thing was to erase the WD drive and start over again.

Then we saved a few pics to the Passport & did a quick virus scan and no viruses were present. Once confirmed, they had me do a complete back-up

After the back-up completed, we perform a full virus scan on the passport + my mac.

All clean & back-up complete.

I am once again a Happy Camper!

Thanks for reply. Great!