Please help...firmware update issues

My mom got this my book live and couldnt figure out how to get it going…thinking it was just like any other external hd i took it and promised to transfer her photos onto it to free up some space on her laptop,…long story short this is day 3 and its still not even connected!!

i go through the setup prompt, its in the power and wireless router, green light, next step says i need to update the firmware, no getting around it…it either sits there loading forever or gives me an upload failed message. ive seen the update bar once and it didnt get very far…i think it referenced article 5657 that time…i called support and they said to do a factory restore which seems to have been a waste of an afternoon…

please give me some guidance, its been sitting so long i dont think she can return or exchange it…im not an IT tech but im pretty good with computers…what is wrong with this bloody update??

Im thinking its so outdated that I have to update to a “middle version” first. Where do I find the files to put the update on the computer and do it that way???



What version is it currently running?