Please Help! Duo Book Live Formatted

If anyone can help, it is greatly appreciated.  I am trying to recover data from a formatted Duo Book Live with two 2TB drives that were in Raid1. I was setting up to format the hard drive and I transferred most of my data.  But before I could finish it the drive was accidentally formatted.  When I came back to the office, the drive shows a healthy Raid1 2TB ready to go drive.

Obviously, I’ve tried to recover with recovery software using either drive in a SATA USB dock.  As the recovery software is working, it shows how many files of what extensions it is finding, but when finished - non of the data is correct.

So I am assuming that it has to be done through the operating system, but I can’t figure out how.  I’ve taken to two data recovery personnel, and they use the same methods.

Thanks so much everyone for your help in advance.

Hi there, you say that the data is not correct, is it that it does not show the correct file names or that the software does not find any data? In my experience with data recovery software I have seen that most software does not recover the information with he correct file name. since i have not tried this with a drive from a network device Lets see if another user can help you out with some tips and information on this matter.

Thank you for your response.  What the Data Recovery software finds is just the newly formatted drive and whatever information is included in the Western Digital operating system.  

I assume that you have to go through the operating system in order to retrieve the formatted data, but I haven’t found a way to do that yet.  Does anyone know?