Please Help - Data recovery for Internal HD Drive - HD Crashed

Dear WesternDigital,

my Hard Disk Drive has crashed and I am totally lost with a data of 35GB. I partitioned the Drive to C and D. I have all my back up on D Drive. Now that my Hard Disk Drive is Crashed, I am unable to get help to recover the data on the D Drive. I am ready to send the Hard Drive to your Company. Is there Any possibility to help me in This context.

If any user can help me to solve this problem, I will be happy to honor them.

My Email is  and you can reach me at 00919440120005  (Indian Mobile Number)

Thanking you


Could you b more specific as to what you mean by “crashed”?

Does the drive spin up? Is it detected by BIOS? Device Manager? Disk Management?

Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this. You can do so either by phone or email.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

HD Crashed.

the drive is being detected by the BIOS, and also being detected byu the Device Manager.

i am Not Sure of Disk Management, and Drive Spin Up.

i was able to connect the disk as a secondary hard disk for recovering the data, and all i could see is, partition c NTFS with 50MB and Partition D as unknown.

All my data is on the D Drive.

What should i do? Please Help

i tried contact the customer Service Team(CST) in india, but the CST replied to me that, data recovery is not at all possible in India as they do not have the list of authorised Data Recovery Agents in India. How ever, they assured that they are trying to identify people for this job and once they (WDC) identity, the details will be updated on the website you have suggested.

Apart from above, i have done soem contacts, all all i could do is to send my DISK to Recivery Agent in Japan or In Singapore. The Nearest Recovery Agents for me is the One is Singapore, but, there is not phone number for This Agent.

Alternatively, i have to send this to Japan.

so, can you suggest any other constructive steps for my problem. Please



If you can read the files on the C: partition, then the drive is not dead. Instead it appears that there is a corrupted file system in the D: partition.

You could use Data LifeGuard to scan your drive for bad sectors. Hopefully the drive is not making any horrible noises.

Could we see the partition table and boot sector with Microsoft’s Sector Inspector?

Extract the above archive to the one folder and execute the SIrun.bat file. The procedure will generate a report file named SIout.txt.

we tried your solution. but noresult.all that we could find about the problem is that,  it is MBR problem.  unable to create partition. i tried to make it onedrive. unable to creat onepartition . the total gbof my hard disk is 160gb. 

so what solutions can i have for this problem.  awaiting reply. if possible, if there is a good data recovery agent in singapore, please do let me know his phone number or email so that i will contact him for the solution. ready to pay  the price. 

awaiting reply 


it seems that your drive got corrupted

what kind of windows do myou have ?  xp, windows 7?


i am using Genuine OEM windows vista home Premium.

Now that i have tried all possible means, i would like to ask you people, if possible, can you help me getting the phone number of the authorised data recovery agent located in Singapore.

Once i get to have this, i will make the necessary arrangements to ship the Hard Disk  for getting the data.

Awaiting reply.



Before you send the drive for data recovery, since the drive is recognized in the BIOS and the C and D partitions are recognized, even you are not able to access the information.

You can try to download and use Photorec, this is a data recovery software, you can download it free from the web.

I have use it and successfully recovered 20GB of information.

You should not write to your corrupted drive, at least not before examining the critical system areas. That will only do more damage to the file system. :frowning:

Your best approach is to clone your drive, sector-by-sector, and then use data recovery software on the clone.

Was Data LifeGuard able to test your drive?

BTW, you may like to contact …

Amarbir S Dhillon ,CDR Labs [Chandigarh ,India]