Please help, can't get my brand new WD TV Live started

I just bought 3 hours ago a brand new WD TV Live. I have out the wires like in the manual. But when the WD TV Live is on… ONLY the USB logo flashes, no other led is turned on or flashes. I only see the blue WD startup screen, the remote doesn’t do anything. I stays so for 30 minutes. I tried a reset (pushed the reset button for 5 minutes) but the device isn’t rebooting itself. Please help… What i’m doing wrong?

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Do you have a local drive attached?  Remove that drive and try booting up the Live without it.  Does it work then?

No drive attached now. I’ve powered off the device after a reset for 15 minutes now… it won’t work. The USB logo flashes… that’s all there is. Please help!

The USB logo flashes although there’s no drive attached?  Do you have a wi-fi adapter inserted?  (If so, remove it and try again).

Also, try unplugging it for about 10 minutes from the power (and when you power it up again, make sure there is nothing else attached to either USB port).

Oh, and one more thing – how are you connected to your TV?  If HDMI, try connecting via component/composite cable (just for now, we’ll get to HDMI in a second).

No wifi adapter inserted… have already powered off the device after a reset via the button (4-second push). The device was connected via HDMI, showing only the blue logo start up screen.

even (gently) pushing the reset button for 30 seconds won’t do a thing!

Okay, so the logo comes up, right?  How long did you wait after the logo comes up?  (Because it will take at least several minutes).

Let’s assume you waited five minutes and still nothing.  As I said, try connecting it via component/composite (there may be handshaking issues going on).  Rinse and repeat.

Just tried via component… only the blue logo screen. I will now test it again via the composite entry and wait for 10 minutes. Will let you know in about 12!

Blue startup screen stays like before… no changes. Any advice?

Take it back to where you bought it and either try it there or get another one (or maybe both :>)

You won’t believe it… I just changed my 1-day old  “broken” WD Live TV device with a new one… and guess… the new one has the same problem! What a piece of ■■■■! I never will buy another WD device :angry::angry::angry:

I’m having a hard time grasping this.

You say when you power it up, the POWER light comes on STEADY, and the USB light flashes?   Even though there’s no USB devices plugged in at all?

And, you’re saying that on COMPONENT OUTPUT, you get the STARTUP screen, and nothing else, for a long time?

I just have a really hard time believing that you purchased two separate units that fail in the exact same manner.

Power light is OFF, USB light is blinking, only startup screen with WD logo. Nothing else… I tried with 3 different HDMI cables, I tried with a reset (quick, long and extra long), I tried with only composite, I tried with all combinations… I stays the same. Sorry but this is my experience (I’m NOT a dummy, I have already more then 25 years of IT experience)… I believe now that this device is ■■■■! Look for yourself a do a search with Google… WD TV Live + flashing/blinking/death etc… A whole bunch of people who have the same problems!!!

“do a search with Google… WD TV Live + flashing/blinking/death etc… A whole bunch of people who have the same problems!!!”

Yeah, that’s just it…  I can’t find ANYONE that says the same thing.

Yeah, there’s more than a few people reporting a flashing POWER light, which does indicate a system malfunction (as described in the docs), but not a flashing USB and NO power light.

I would think “a whole bunch” would have yielded at least ONE post here…  But you’ve got me curious!

Could you post a Google search string that yields similar accounts?

Where are you buying these dead things?  Is there ANY possibility that the two units came from the same batch?   Have you called WD Tech Support to see if they have any insight?

Let’s say I won’t buy no more WD. End-of-discussion… the ■■■■ is going back to the belgian shop (Fnac).

I think you’re better off without it (there are some people for whom the Live is just NOT the right device, and you’re obviously one of them).

Best of luck with whatever else you try.