Please Help Cannot Get Activation Code & via USB Update Problem


I Cannot “Get Activation Code”. Than I try the new firmware reinstall via usb port, but “update firmware” icon not inside the menus. I  cannot find the firmware upgrade icon.

I’m using the latest firmware version V.2.06.10. I cant find the “HOME/Settings/firmware upgrade icon

Any body help please? Thanks in advance.

If you are using the latest firmware then you will not see a firmware upgrade icon as your firmware is already up to date. The upgrade icon only appears if an update is detected.

If you have older firmware on your WDTV than make sure that you have up the firmware files on the root of a USB drive and nothing else. Try both USB ports.

If the hub detects new firmware then a notification will appear automatically on the UI screen when you boot up.

Thank you for your message, RichUK,

Normally my problem is; I can’t get the activation Code for WdTvPhotos software.

Code Page is opening on my wdtv live Hub, but there is emty and page is closing quickly. Not show the activation code. How can I get the that code? I planning  if I reinstall the firmware via usb maybe solved this problem.

(my wdtv Live Hub showing every first opening “please reinstall latest firmware with usb” massage)