Please Help - Blue light on and steady, but cannot find on my network to install!

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Ok, so I have purchased a 4TB My Cloud Drive. I have attached the drive to my TalkTalk router (Huawei) as per the instructions. I have downloaded the installation software, but it cannot find the drive. I have tried to manually find the device via the network sharing centre and cannot see it, despite being able to see other devices (TV, Laptop) on my network.

I am trying to find the drive via my home pc which is connected via network electricity plugs, so I thought this may be causing the problem, so I disabled the lan connector and plugged in a wireless dongle and connected. This did not solve the problem.

I then decided to check if the router had registered its connection. I made a note of the MAC address and consulted the Ethernet devices that were connected to the router. I could not find the drive.

I have tried searching the forums and the web and cannot find a solution.

What exactly does the solid blue light mean, because as far as I gather it means it has booted and is obtained an ip from the router?

Please help. My wife is complaining daily about the fact her phone is full with pictures!!

Many thanks

Here is a link to the User Manual, see P.10 for explanation of the LED colors. The Manual should also help you set everything up.

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Yes the Blue light says the device has gotten an IP address given by your router. You should see the device in the list of network MAC addresses, if your router can display this list. Note the IP address that the router has given to the NAS, and go to this IP address with your browser. You should see the NAS UI. It will ask you for language, and to create a user. Close the user creation window withough doing anything. You will then see an admin user logon. Leave the password blank and login.