Please help - Any way to access the data if password is lost?

It is not a network drive, and i am not sure if you can soft-reset wdbfjk0040hbk-na aka WD MyBook 4tb in any way.
Some people mentioned buying another identical drive and plugging the control circuit board to the old one which will restore its factory settings but keep all the data.
Anything like that possible, or any other solution you can think off.
I tried over 50 password combinations and no use, important data on the drive, need it back.
The system crashed and auto-unlock did not work on a new system i installed so external drive prompted me for a password i entered many years ago.

The password cannot be defeated by manipulating the hardware. The original security key is encrypted by your password, so this key needs to be recovered from the firmware. WD’s security is poorly implemented, so there are commercial tools which can defeat the password under some circumstances.

I suggest you repair your “cashed” system.

Thanks man, i am trying that.