Please help all cameras show no link

I just purchased the system brand new, plugged in the cameras followed all directions no camera feeds. I hooked up HDMI and a mouse to my TV for a monitor and it says all cameras no link set 4 hours two different days with tech support and no luck do I need to send the system back or is there an easy fix?


You could refer to the following link:

I guess at this point you already return to unit or got it to work. Mostly if the unit does not see the camera after 10 minutes or a system reboot. You can reset the camera. There is a black small button on the back of the camera but you need to press and hold for 15 seconds then release. The other issue could be the camera firmware is newer then the NVR unit and it could cause it not to see the camera.

I am writing this as a last ditch effort. Three of the seven cameras i purchased were dead right of the box, they are completely unresponsive, they dont seem to get power at all. I have labelled each of the cords and have tested them with the working cameras, the cords all work. I have tested a working camera in each port, all ports work. I have rebooted, I have tried the camera reset.

If this cannot be resolved, I want to express that I am very unsatisfied with these cameras. The above mentioned failure rate is 3 of 7 is miserable.