Please Help! 2TB My Book Has Become Non Responsive

I have a 2TB My Book running on my Windows XP machine that has all of my family pictures and data stored on it (roughly 80GB).  I attempted to use it the other day and when I tried to access the information it took much longer than usual.  I was able to view most of my pictures but had problems accessing my videos.  With the fears that it might be having a problem, I tried to copy my data from the My Book over to my PC.  After about 15 minutes of “Prepairing to Copy” it just times out and says that it had experienced a problem and quits.  I tried running a check disk and it after about 2 hours, and finding numeros errors it hangs up on  “Correcting error in index $I30 for file 25940”.  After that it displays that an unspecified error had occured and it quits the check disk process.  Now I have found that when I go into My Computer it freezes and becomes non responsive.  Please help!

I tried running the Life Guard Diagnostic tool and it failed saying that there are too many bad sectors.  Will a firmware upload help anything? 

My 2TB Mybook just started erasing itself this afternoon and became unresponsive and unrecognizable by my Mac this afternoon.

It had just finished rendering a small DVD file, and I left it sitting idle, when I noticed the hard drive fired up and starting making a strange cyclic sound.

I immediately quit all applications, but the damage was done.

Now I’m facing a bill of between $700-2000 to have it taken apart by data recovery experts in toronto.

I have had hard drive failures before with WD drives in my PC years ago, so I switched to using Seagate drives.

I gave WD another chance because this drive was suppose to be robust, and great for video editing. If my data is unrecoverable, it will have cost me more than just a repair bill - my clients & my reputation as well.

I will never purchase another WD product ever again.

If anyone has had similar issues or knows what might have caused the drive to spontaneously self-destruct… would be interested to hear it.

I had the same thing happen to me, I sent the first one back in and the second one had the same problem. I will never buy a external drive from WD no more.

I am having the same problem with MyBookEssencial.  There is a ton of pictures and video on it and it is completely unresponsive.  When I (try) to access it, it takes about 10 minutes then I get a Win7 message, [DRIVE] is not accessible.  The parameter is incorrect. 

Very helpful. 

Course it then goes into the non-responsive mode. . .  

I know WD knows of the problem - are they just not saying?  I see a long list of people (just Google it) with the same problem and I see nothing but guesses and try this and that -  but nothing from the manufacturer.  Something would be better than nothing.  

@Not Very Happy

Stop trying to use the drive. I had the same error - and it is a hardware failure.

I took my drive to a knoll on track facility in toronto the day after I posted about my issues.

They said it would be 3-5 days before I know about the status of my data.

A week went by - they said “due to the severe data corruption - your drive is taking a little longer than usual”

2 weeks go by now, and I emailed to ask for an update and they said “they are ordering parts”

So, you need to ask yourself - how valuable is the data you have lost. I’m guessing this repair will cost close to $2000 by the time the engineers finish. Most expensive lesson I will ever learn. #1 don’t trust WD, #2 back up everything in 3 places.

I have seagate drives that are pushing 6 years old that still work great. My WD myBook drive was less than 5 months old, and less than half full.

There’s nothing you can do on your own man, I’ll reply back to the post if the lab techs are able to recover my data. For the record I went with knoll ontrack becasue they are WD certified.

ryan2011x wrote:
Most expensive lesson I will ever learn. #1 Don’t trust any hard drive manufacturer at all, no matter the reputation or reviews or word from other people, #2 back up everything in 3 places.

I fixed it for you.