PLEASE HELP: 1.5 TB External Mybook ESATA ISSUE!

I have had this drive for 2 years now. I got it as a christmas present, but discovered the issue only after the return period was up. I am trying to use eSata connection for the fastest file transfer speeds. However, I try to split the drive into multiple partitions, and the drive dies and disconnects. Also, transferring large files also kills the drive. Does WD address this issue? I am finding this to be quite common and widespread.


I was messing around with the partition map of the hard drive. I split the drive into 4 partitions:

  1. 200mb EFI partition

  2. 1.1TB NTFS partition

  3. 298gb HFS+ partition

  4. 1mb of unallocated space.

Believe it or not, i believe leaving unallocated space is the key to solving the issue with this hard drive! I minimized the amound of unallocated space to just a mere 1MB, and now the drive works perfectly with eSata. Go figure, what a strange issue…

I would recommend you to save all the files in a different location, and format the drive to only one partition, just create different folder inside the drive to divide and organize the files.

You don’t seem to understand. 1 partition causes all file transfers via Esata to fail. I have tried that before. It is necessary to keep some unallocated space to prevent the failure in file transfer. So no, your solution does not work.

That is absolutely not right, If you are not able to use your drive fine with a single partition you might want to test the drive for failures or defects. Try the operating system test feature or WD’s Diagnostic tools from here.