Please fix Dolby Digital SPDIF pass through issue

Dear Western Digital Team,

Firstly, thank you for a wondeful product.

I did a lot of research before finally deciding on the WD TV Live Hub. I almost went for the Mede8er MED500x2 which was on special (bundled wi-fi incuded), but decided to spend the extra money and get the WD which is far superior IMO.

I received my WDTV Hub 2 days ago and immediately watched a few shows with the stock firmware (not sure which version, but was 2.xx?. Shows were .MKV with Dolby Digital audio. My amp picked up the DD pass through and played perfectly. Just before going to bed that evening I ran the 2 x FW updated that it had detected and it went up to FW version 3.03.13

Next day when I tried to play back my files suddenly the DD audio is missing. After a frustrating few minutes trying to get it working again I checked here and found that I there as several people with the same issue. By disabling the DD pass through I can get sound on my amp, but that is not amp doing the processing.

clintb’s post here

helped me out as downgrading back to FW version 3.00.28 solved the issue and brought back my DD pass through.

I would like to have all the features that the latest FW has to offer with working audio. Surely this cannot be too difficult. Something obviously changed between 3.00.28 and 3.03.13 that broke it. I would rather have working audio than being able to chek my Facebook :smileyvery-happy:

Hoping to having working DD pass through in the next FW update.

Thank you.

Well if you think that’s messed up, wait till your unit locks up or won’t play ANY video or music after you see the Spinning Arrow of Death (SAOD) on your screen for an extended period of time. But if you rolled back the FW you probably won’t see this happen. It requires you unit be completely powered down to reset it.