Please don't create .WDMC .TWONKY folders

I do not like hidden files/folders/metadata/attribute/thumbnail  files, or whatever you would like to call them… 

For the last few years ever since I switched to Apple, I’ve been plague with .DS_Store, ._AppleDouble, .Trashes and all the hidden . entries matching one for one for every single file that I had on the WD Live drive. It drove me nuts. Even Windows is just as guilty with their Thumbs.db and desktop.ini files and their temp ~ABC files.  (yes I am using Blue Harvest to keep my NAS clean of Apple files, but once in ahile an .AppleDouble folder and .trash would show show up) 

Then you have Adobe Bridge which attempts to store a thumbnail extraction in every single directory prefixed with the name .bridge.  It is a good thing that I can switch the individual Adobe Bridge folder cache into a single global cache otherwise I’ll be writing a similar post on their forum too. 

Now with the WD Cloud we have .nflc_data, .wdmc and .twonky and for the short time that I had the scan running, it was quite a chore to clean up on the hidden .wdmc folders.

With WD Cloud, for some reason I no longer see the .AppleDouble folder and I’ve spent the day looking for which component has changed? as the Apple forum had said that this file was created by WD and WD has said that this was created by Apple. 

Of course there are solutions, such as since we are connected to WD Cloud via Samba on the PC side, we can actually hide all these files via the /etc/samba/smb-global_veto.conf file and since Apple is a unix system these files are hidden anyways, so in the end, what does it matter? if you don’t see them, they don’t exist, right? 

I could argue that they take a lot of room since even a single byte file will occupy 4K (the size of a sector) , since I use  3.22TB with 400,485 files and 68,457 folders but the reality after doing the math is that it is negligible with 4TB of space (it something like 2 to 3GB with the worst case of 8GB)

However the bottom line is that they are really just a bunch of nuisance files. If you can see them, especially on a PC, my directories are littered with .~1237AB, _ABCD, .wdmc folders and more.

Just imagine that every single file that you have on your hard drive, you have to double, or quadtriple the number of files just because you have a mac, are using Adobe Bridge and that they are stored on a WD drive.

The proper way of dealing with data attribute files are to store them in a mini SQL database that is in a single location rather then having the data scattered across every single folder.

I can see your software programmers shaking their heads… 

So if you persist on having a hidden .wdmc folder, then at least let me specify which folders and subfolders I will allow you to index as well as the scheduling of the indexing/scanning time.

If you give none of these options… then someday when I really want a Cloud device (right now I’m just using your Cloud as a NAS), I’ll have to look elsewhere for my Cloud needs  :stuck_out_tongue:


Quick fix from the shell, just run “/etc/init.d/wdmcserverd stop” – It will kill the process that is making all those .wdmc folders. It also makes my transfer speeds faster with this service stopped.

However I agree that with this task being as much of a pain for me as it sounds like it is for you, I see no reason I have to SSH into the box to run the shutdown script. It wouldn’t be that hard to add an On/Off switch in the Dashboard with all the other switches.

I like the idea of the “advanced” features that WD is trying to run on the MyCloud devices, but the fact that so many people see the same features overloading the poor system with only 512 megs of ram, I don’t think it’s fair that they seem to be required without any user adjustable power switches. 

And mentioning RAM, I’m always using some of the swap space because all of the 512 megs of RAM is entirely used. It seems like the solution is either more RAM in the EX4 or less running services. But with low RAM and lots of services demanding it, the EX4 always seems to be in a state of “Oh **bleep** – to much to do, and I never can remember anything! I’ll just move real slow for now.”

I have never taken this EX4 apart. Are there DIMM slots where I can do the most common upgrade of RAM? 

Being the EX4 only came out in November you’re likely to void the 2 year warranty if you mention taking it apart here. Just saying:/

Similar issue was already registered as Idea few months before by Me (

Since this isn’t fixed yet, I do not think it ever will.

My suggestion is that WD should better understand its user community’s intended use of its product.

Except in the case of business external networks, the lion’s share of mirror content is intended for internal consumption, to safely store mirrored copies of files and access locally via mounting the Mirror Share and browsing with MS Explorer.  MS Explorer does a fine job accomplishing the task of creating thumbnails for local consumption (where needed) with very little intrusion.

We would buy the USB-attached version of WD product offering EXCEPT there are a FEW files we would like to share with friends, family, and social groups.  As a result, we must buy the Cloud product offering to accomplish the very small-sized goal - or buy two offerings at greater expense.  So, we have innocently purchased the Cloud option not realizing the huge performance and file count penalty we must pay device-wide.

Proposed solution?  As many others have suggested, turn off the creation of thumbnails device-wide by default; permit turning on via case-by-case basis.  A user friendly method of doing this would simply be to provide a toggle indicating if a Share is intended to be offered externally.  Only if “yes”, turn-on thumbnail creation


Yes, please let us turn on/off the transcoded files on shares!!! This is I want to see.

With respect to this request, I’d like to see the possibility of turning this off, like the original poster described, or at least be able to exclude shares from this type of scanning and thumbnail creation.

I have several shares that are solely intented for back-up and the directories written there should not have additional subidrectories, thumbnails or tags of this kind.  

When My Cloud OS3 is released, these files will no longer get created in these folders.

We do not retroactively go and delete them though.

can you please provide a safe way to delete these and other unnecessary or not needed files?
please with steps for newbies. Thanks a lot

See the following existing discussion in the My Cloud subforum that details how to remove the .wdmc and .twonky folders using SSH. In particular see Chyre post.

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Thanks a LOT! I’ll give it a try.