Please advise a newbie on which firmware 2.03.24 or 2.04.13?

Hi all,

Placed an order for one of these and looking forward to getting it set up. Planning ahead to see what can be done and came across this forum.

It seems to me that people using the new firmware 2.04.13 have experienced problems, would it be best if I go with the tried and tested 2.03.24 older firmware and is this possible?

I found this link which shows users how to downgrade to a previous firmware;

If I choose 2.03.24 and follow the usual steps will it work?

Or would you advise me to keep with the new firmware and hope WD sort out the problems in the coming days/weeks.


I’m starting to join the camp on saying stay with 2.03.24, unless you must have the new Media services, and want a fix for the XML Title bug.