Please add Virus detection App on EX

Please add an App for Virus detection and deletion. Would be gread to have also on Ex an Virus programm to be secure for any virus attact on the network. Regulary computers in the networks are seruce by installing AntiVirus programs. If users enable an all-day sync to the Network storage for data sync there is a high risk to copy an virus to the storage.


you ask and they do it, not bad…

Anti-Virus Essentials is available within the App Center now

But still, correct me if I’m wrong, Anti-Virus Essentials does not perform real-time scan, does it?

Hi @Wutikorn

Correct, real-time scan right now is not available, 24-hour occurance at least.

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24 hour occurance? Do you mean it’s best to run scan daily? Would that affect drives’ lifespan? Or not significantly? Is there a plan to make it be able to do real-time scan?