Please add USB-C to 3TB My Passport Ultra

Just noticed there’s finally a 3TB My Passport Ultra portable drive available (after more than 3 years with 2TB at the top of the capacity range; I realise there was a fake 4TB model consisting of 2 glued together 2TB drives for some time - but not surprisingly that did not fly).

However I’m quite surprised that this brand new 3TB drive does not have USB-C (in addition to USB 3.0, ideally).

Copying larger amounts of data using USB 3.0 is very time consuming. Whilst many laptops and other devices don’t have USB-C as yet, very soon this will be the case with all new kit. So having USB-C on the drive would mean it is future-proof.

Since it took 3 years for the 3TB model to become available (the 2TB came out in the first half of 2012), it is likely that this 3TB model will be the top of the range of the next 3 years I assume (WD does not seem to be in a hurry to increase portable drive capacities). So if I buy these drives now, they will have to last the distance.

Without USB-C therefore, it does not make sense to buy the 3TB My Passport Ultra (unless you guys promise a 4TB My Passport Ultra within a year or so, but I guess you won’t). I have 12x 2TB My Passport Ultras to replace, and probably some more capacity to add soon too. It’s just too much of an investment to do that if they come with legacy USB only: I’m not going to replace the drives again just to add USB-C (I might replace them if I can also add capacity at the same time; but not just for the USB port). Other people working in media will be in the same situation.

+1 USB-C connectir for all future external drives please

Dell Precision 5510 has a Thunderbolt 3 Type C port now. Would love to see a Passport Pro for Windows. :sunglasses:

I came on here to post that I need a solution for the My passport 4TB Pro (RAID) drive. The one that’s currently Thunderbolt, to be ported to USB-C! I need to be able to use it with my Win10 PC. Heck even the new MacBook Pro’s are only USB-C