Please add switch to turn off wdmcserver, wdphotodbmerger on My Cloud boot up

Although I understand the need for Cloud like services scans, after half a decade of manually SSH’ing into the device to kill all Cloud like services like wdmcserverd and wdphotodbmergerd, it would be nice to have this wish fulfilled for the final firmware upgrade for your discontinued My Clouds.

Even with the scans complete, I can still hear my device clicking like a clock simply by the continuous monitoring of my drive for changes and it is driving me crazy much like the Tick Tock of Edgar Allan Poes clock.

Adding files to my device starts up a frenzy of clicks that last five minutes as the stats of the added files are updated in your shares/volume_1 directory.

On boot up, it takes about 10 minutes of frenzy disk access before it quiets down to a steady click… click… click…

It is an unwanted feature of your clouds.

Yup you are right, your test drive at the WD shop doesn’t click and neither does my 4TB test EX2 with a dozen files on it. The quietness of my test drives shows what a quiet My Cloud is like and that is because it doesn’t have complex directories for the scans to crawl through.

This steady clicking only occurs on my 8TB Single Bay My Cloud and my 20TB EX2 Ultra because they contain almost 7TB of photos, movies, music, ebooks and more. Every few minutes the devices would chatter like tiny machine gun (tick-tick-tick-tick-tick-tick) then it resumes it steady tick… tick… tick…) and this occurs even if I disable wdmcserverd and wdphotodbmergerd, because the traversing of the directories occurs in your init script.

This is where I would like you to remove the code that makes that ticking sound.

It takes 4 days of frantic disk access to create thumbnails, resized photos, indexes and the fan on my EX2 Ultra would be running at 12,000 RPM non-stop for days.

All of this is unnecessary as “YES” I do need cloud access to all my files, but I don’t need thumbnails, I don’t need resized photos so they download instantaneously and I don’t need file searches.

Please give us the option to turn these services ON or OFF.

I implore you…

Thank you

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Hi Ralphael,

Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

The link below will allow you to call support.

Hello new WDStaff @Brandon.P

This is not something that a Support Case will fix.

It requires the programming team to implement a couple of clickable buttons on the dashboard under “Cloud Access” for “wdphotodbmergerd” On/Off, “wdmcserverd” On/Off, “indexing” On/Off.

These constant running services have long been a thorn in all the My Clouds devices.

Now that the gen 2 My Clouds have been discontinued and the EX2 are probably winding down, it would be nice to have this implemented as a final gesture for customer loyalty.

Please pass this upwards to your programming team or someone that might care to listen at WD.

Much appreciated.

I demand the possibility to turn off wdcserver indexing for wireless pro, too.
Each time, i turn that disc on, about a half an hour he be busy with “scanning files”, who is not a tolerable situation, especiaaly, when you are on battery power, and especially, there are no changes on disc kontent since last indexing!