Pleas Help: Old Motherboard does Not Recognize New Drive

I’ve recently bought a WD5000AAKX hard drive (SATA III, 6 Gb/s data transfer rate).  But I didn’t realize that my K7NF2-RAID motherboard supports only SATA I (1.5 Gb/s data transfer rate). And the jumper instruction on the hard drive only shows how to switch it to the 3 Gb/s mode.

After intalling the hard drive on my computer as an additional drive, the computer simply won’t start. Nothing happens after I press “power”, not a single letter appearing on the screen.

So can I still use the WD5000AAKX drive on my computer? If yes, how?

yeah…I have the same problem with a model WD5000AAKS.

I  ask at the support of WD for the compatibility with an external cntroller on pci bus 3512 silicon image as chipset, but WD answered me to ask at Silicon Image. BHO!!!