PLC-Link flickering


I have implented two Livewire units and was at first concerned that the PLC link light appears to flicker (similarly to a network port activity light).  I’d read that this is the indicator of a connection, however when I went to stream video over the connection I seem to be getting fairly high rates and no freezes/stuttering.  So is this light not being permanently on an issue for the connection or not?  I’m not using it in anger yet but keen to know if this means I am likely to experience issues.  The tests I did on videos seemed absolutely fine.



Do BOTH LiveWires exchibit the flickering LED?

I’ll check, I’m not in front of them right now but I believe they were both doing it. 


I checked and both are doing it.  Please see link below for video I captured of the behaviour, it seemms to coincide with data activity on the hub/switch activity lights but I believe they did it with nothing connected also.

Mine are tucked away where I can’t see them.  ;)

If they’re otherwise working well, I don’t guess I’d worry about it!