Plays wrong video file

I have a WD TV live in a bedroom dn a WD TV Live Hub in The living room with a 4 TB HD USB attached. I have most of my movies in Video_TS.vob folder format. I have a few in .ISO format. The VOB videos are acting strange now. I start a move, but if I stop it and try to watch a different movie it always plays The first movie. All movies come from the HUBs USB HArd Drive. This does not happen on The HUB when watching movies on that TV. I have turned The unit off and even did a reset and I still get The same thing. This does not happen when watching .ISO movies. I have almost 300  movies and hate to have to convert them all to .ISO. Both WD devices are running the latest firmware and are on a gigabit wired connection off the same switch. Any ideas???

Thaks in advance.

Weird, do you have all of the VOB movies in one folder?

Each Movie and the associated VOB files are in their own folders. 1 folder for each movie.