Playon users - audio question

every plugin or script i play from playon to the wd live hd is sent on as "1/1 audio channel MPEG (what is 1/1), it is identified by bose media console as pcm 2.0. all of my connrctions are hdmi. how can i get surround sound? i am just learning about the capabilities and interaction of my system. i know that pcm 2.0 is basically stereo. is it possible to get surround sound? i am a novice when it comes to a/v and when i go to some of the a/v forums its like they are speaking a different language. thanks

I think the 1/1 means that it’s playing Track 1 of 1.   I haven’t come across any Play-On content that’s sending 5.1 audio, but I don’t use it that often.

thanks tony