media server disappears from WD TV Live, when Zyxel NAS Mediaserver is switched on


I have recently bought a 2TB Zyxel NSA310 NAS - primarily so I can stream films to my Western Digital WD TV Live device

Although this works fine for streaming films on it's own, I have an issue that it stops another piece of software called to work on the WD TV Live device. (EDIT I have run this on the older 2011 WD TV Live and on a brand new 2012 WD TV Live - same issue)

Normally on the WD TV Live as far as I am aware it just picks up any local DLNA devices, ie it should pick up both NSA310 and PlayonTV (Which runs from my Windows 7 PC via the LAN) so that I have the choice to view films from either source.

I have noticed that when the NSA310 is turned on, Playon is not visible on the WD TV. ONLY the NSA310 is visible from the menu. When I shutdown the NSA-310 NAS, Playon becomes visible - it is only one or the other, not both.

I thought it might be the software Media Server built into the NSA310, so I have turned this (and ALL running packages) off - no difference

Oddly, and importantly I can still access Playon on my Android phone (connected to my LAN via WiFi) when the NSA310 is on so it would appear NOT to be Playon at fault as it still runs - the common factor here seems to be the WD TV Live itself? 

All devices - WD TV LIVE / NSA310 NAS (and my PC running Playon) have fixed IP addresses and are connected by Homeplugs on my LAN

Does anyone have any ideas please? (Its not a simple one is it?)

Thank you

Even if you can access both from your Android It seems to be a conflict between the Media Server from your NAS and Playon.  Since you have assigned static IP addresses it will not be an IP conflict, try bypassing your homeplugs and plug all devices directly to your router or network switch.