Playon not starting up

I am using the latest versions of both the WDLive and Playon (1.04.17 and When I go to media servers, I can see the Playon server. When I select it, it shows the show structure for perhaps a second or two before I get an error that tells me it can’t connect. I’ve checked the firewall, Windows 7, and it appears to be enabled for that program. My Windows 7 media server on the same PC is fine and allows access as does the TVersity server again on the same machine.

Any other suggestions as to where to look?

Playon came out with a new version and all is well now. It works (sort of) on the WD Live. :smiley:

Hulu stuttered, lose audio and was very slow after about thirty seconds on playback. Not sure why (can you say WDLive Plus or Playon Premium).

Well at least for one day. Now I am back to were I started. No playon, see the menu for a few seconds and then error message. Probably something I am doing wrong but I can’t find the  issues…