PlayOn - is it working well?

I have just ordered my WD TV Live, and I’ve been doing some research on using PlayOn vs. Tversity Pro.  It looks like, from what I’m reading, that PlayOn is the better choice.  My question is, how is PlayOn working for you?  Is Hulu still functioning OK?

What other content are you regularly utilizing PlayOn to access?


Yep…  Been using PlayOn since I bought the WDTV Live.   Works a treat.   

My wife uses it (with Hulu) to watch soaps.

Just downloaded it and it’s working well. I’ve tried it with various channels (PBS, ESPN3) and Netflix. I was looking for Netflix support without having to buy a new WD TV Live Plus and Playon solved the problem, although for $40 the first year and $20 a year thereafter the cost is probably a wash.

I can’t figure out how to get WD TV Live Plus HD to see Playon.  What’s the trick?

Really no trick at all.  Once it’s installed and running, PlayOn will show up under “Media Servers” menu in the WD.