Playlists over twonky

hello since3 weeks I have a live TV Hub.

In this weeks I have learnd a lot about the system an i Love it. Now i have sveral problems, one of ist is:

My son (10 years) have an older netbook with unbuto Linux.

In this bnetbook I cant integrate the Live Hub as an separat drive like I do it in my XP or Win7 system.

And I`ve some E-Book (audio books) as mp3 on the Live hub.

My son want to start one file (eg a playlist) to hear the e-book complete, actual he must to start file 1 than file 2 over twonky.

Is there a possiblity to show playlists in twonky? or a other possibility to allow him to start the e-book with one click?

tried to integrete a VLC playlist in the folder of the E-Book (.xspf File) sadly not sowen in the twonky ! other playlist editor?



HI there, as far as I know the Twonky server on the Hub doesn’t handle playlists, what if you try with another media server?

android doesn´t help! Unbuto is on the netbook!

habacke wrote:

android doesn´t help! Unbuto is on the netbook!

Sorry habacke, the Android app support is my signature, it shows in all my posts… My bad if it was confusing.

What if you try another media server other than Twonky?

but twonky is on the live hub!

can i integrate an other media server?