Playlists and continuous play

Does the 1tb media hub support VIDEO playlists and/or continuous play (does the next videparlay automatically)?


Thanks man.

Wait, is that yes to both?

Yes to both. :wink:  I do it all the time – video playlists that’ll play for days if I let’em…

That’s great news. Thanks for your help. The people working the floor at best buy are predictably not a great deal of help.

Okay so here’s the next big question: how do you make playlists? I have imported various videos in labeled files, but they only play one and then I have to manually start the next. That’s fine for movies but not so great for playing shorter clips I’d like to just have play one after the other. Any help you or anyone in the forums can provide would be great.

A playlist is simply an ordered list of relative paths to files.

such as





The relative path is relative to the playlist file itself.