Completely new to this. Not even sure how to post or why I couldn’t seem to add to the post titled playlist.

Anyhoo. I reveived a WD live box NAS and a wd tv live for Xmas and I am gob smacked by the capability but what I cannot figure out is how to queue songs up either on the hub or in the wd 2 go app on my iphone. Even just a random button?

Reading the thread “Playlist?” it seems it may not just be me being stupid but I wanted to check. 

Is there a way of queing up songs on the WD tv Live or on the app. If not, does the NAS support any other app like audio galaxy or is there any work around that is simple enough for an imbicile to cope with?



Check page 214 of the manual.

No, there is no way to create playlists on the Hub or WD 2go apps.

You can add things to the hub’s dashboard queue by using the Media Library function. Press Options on a file and then select Add to Queue.

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