Playlist visible, but won't play files when using Cambridge Audio NP30


I’ve searched the forums for a hint on this but I’m drawing a blank. I’ve created a few test playlists using the WD My Cloud software but the Cambridge Audio player displays (empty). I have some playlists available for Most Played, Highest Rated, Recently Added etc, and these all seem to work fine. I’m hoping someone can help me work this one out, better still have it worked out already.

What software did you use to create the playlists?
What file type are these playlists (.m3u? .m3u8?).
Have you used a text editor to compare the format of the working and non-working playlists?
How is your player accessing the NAS? As a file server, or as a DLNA media server?
Are you using your player’s UI to select a playlist, or are you using a controller app, and using the NP30 as a renderer?

I’m using the software that comes with the drive. I believe this is called MDMyClould I’ve tried using Media Monkey, Oddgravity Playlist Creator and Winamp, but these aren’t being seen at all. I’m not sure where to file them though. They have the extension .m3u I don’t understand the rest of your questions. As theNP30 is a dedicated (albeit basic and relatively old) HiFi network music player, I’d assume it’s working as a DLNA media server. If I use the Andriod App, I get the following error message DIDL_PARSE_ERROR. Using the UI, Android App or iOs App still doesn’t allow any of the tracks to play.

Where are they stored, then?

If you want the playlists to be visible through the DLNA server (though I’m not sure if it actually does; I don’t use playlists [edit: just checked, and yes, it does present playlists]), then you’ll have to store them where the DLNA server can find them, which will be on the MyCloud, in the same share as your media is stored. Where are the working playlists stored?

My other questions expanded:
If you open a working playlist, and a non-working playlist (right-click, open with Notepad), do they look similar?
Access method: read the NP30 manual to see how it connects to the MyCloud.
Control: do you push buttons on the NP30, or do you control it with an app running on a tablet, phone or computer. If an app, what app do you use, specifically?

I’m storing them with the music files. I’ll have a look at the rest of the twonky post and see if this helps. I’ve asked the question to Cambridge Audio also, so shall post their response here when I get one.

There are lots of posts here about using playlists with your device, so search forum for you device, playlists, etc.

I use m3u playlists often that I create with iTunes, and they are stored in same folder as my music files on the My Cloud…

There are 3 posts that mention my player and none of those mention playlists. If you could share a link to one I’ve missed, that would be great

Search the forum for “Cambridge iTunes” I helped a guy in some/all of them which discusses DLNA (playlists only work with DLNA) and you will cull some info from the threads I am sure.