Playlist Navigation Mybooklive on WDTV

My exclusively used music player (WDTV/FOOBAR) is out for a while AND i AM SUDDENLY BAck to music player alternatives.


Of course MYBOOKLIVE media server does not have custom playist (.m3u) support. At least I never see playlists. Does anyone? It’s difficult to believe that many UpNp media servers do not support playlists. Are we supposed to sit waiting for the song to end so we can pick the next song?


But the Windows Share MYBOOKLIVE has the playlists. And my experience coming back o the WDTV/MBL player now is not what I remember before.  Play list advce was not working with play button or enter button. But I did a reset and now playlist advance IS working vis both the play and enter button. That’s well, however:

  1. The file name is displayed (playing track and next) despite main setting for the title to be displayed;

  2. in the now playing track no track information (artist, album, …) is displayed from the tags

   (but the track cover makes it) (meta data lookup is set manual)

  1. return button from the playing track goes back to the playlist/file selection, not the playlist song list and if you then go back into the songlist the playing music stops before you have to scroll through the 1000 song list again. And if you get off to the settings or anythng else there seems to be no way to get back to the now playing and you have to got through the whole share selection again.

It seems that I must be missing something? Anyone, pls …

Do you encounter the same issue when you load the playlist from a source other than your WD My Book Live?


Maybe I was using Foobar Media Server/Foobar Renderer more than foobar media server/WDTV renderer and didn’t notice whether the second combo honored the user playlists. It’s gonna be a week yet before I get foobar on windows back. I;ve become a linux newbie cause I’m getting myself off windows dependence (though this time its graphics hardware, not windows software problems). The extra time is that I’m finding out doing dual boot Windows first may have been better than doing it Ubuntu first. but I’m getting through it.

Mybooklive server/WDTV is pretty much perfect (titles, mp3 tags) except for not honoring user generated playlists even through folders. I suppose that has to do with one could load errors in non-server generated playlists. But my music is organized first by codec, then crudely by collections/compiltions or genres, then compilations/artist/album, anyway there are some playlists I use regularly that won’t come up by loading this or that sorted by the servers.

But then I don’t understand why WDTV/usb library or usb file system works as well as Mybooklive server/WDTV

but Mybooklive NAS/WDTV 1) doesn’t honor the title over the filename or see the mp3tags (except for the cover jpg - MAYBE its using folder.jpg!). But I do appreciate that Mybooklive NAS honors the user generated playlists. I’ll have to 1) suffer embarrassment at my cocktail parties, 2) investigate adding the NAS data to the Media Library.

The linux MBL share isn’t showing up today.

Two days ago NO playlist advancement worked on MBL NAS/WDTV. Yesterday, after a reset. pushing play or enter in MBL NAS worked (both) for playist advancement. Today everything is back to having play button only set off the next song.

WDTV/Plex crashes both. I’m not going into that for now. But Plex only supports program generated playlists (and they LIED about that in their advertising.)

And I found the old way WDTV Mochi is still here. I did not like the new grid method, navigation esp,  that I thought I was stuck with after the reset. . But I guess it’s important that things look like Windows 8 now. Everyone else is following the ‘lead’.


To answer one question I think I left unanswered:

Yes, WDTV see the Foobar Media share play lists and handles the queue as well as it handles any other.

So I guess the playlists deficient from the MBL media share issue (the playlists are in the library path) is an issue of that share’s presentation to WDTV.

I don’t have another file system share to test against the MBL windows share right now.