Playlist Assignment To Menus

It seems as though the current playlist function shows every playlist created no matter which menu section is selected. For example; if I have five music playlists and 3 video playlists, all eight of them appear in the Music menu, the Video menu and, probably, every other menu. Is there a way to seperate these playlists so that the Video menu will show ONLY the video playlists and the Music menu will show ONLY the music playlists?

Well, the problem is that there’s no such thing as a “Video Playlist.”   Playlists are just playlists.  They can be a combination of video and audio, or one or the other.

The Hub would have to parse every playlist (a rather lengthy and time consuming process) to see what the contents are.

Right! BINGO! Create (Western Digital) the ability to separate Playlists. That is the entire idea! I know playlists are playlists. Think: solution. Don’t think: oh, well, that can’t be done. Let the competitors think that way. Make them chase you, don’t sit there wiith them.