Playing wrong DVD (VOB Files)

I have a bunch of movies ripped to MOVIE\VIDEO_TS\*.vob

I started a movie this morning.  Now, when I try to play any other DVD movie (either via “Videos” or “Files”) from the network share where my  movies all are, regardless of which movie I pick, it starts playing the movie I watched this morning and not the new movie.

Why is this playing the wrong movie?

I’ve seen people suggest ripping to ISOs and I really don’t want to go that route since I have a bunch of movies already ripped as VOB.


How are you playing them. I assume every movie is located in a different VIDEO_TS folder together with .info files etc.

I have also seen this happening to me…

Any word from WD?

First, an ISO is basically just a zip of your VOB, so the only thing you have to do is to use something like ImageBurn to convert your VOB to ISO.  This is the best method as then you only have a single file to deal with and depending on your PC, doesn’t take that long to do.

However, if you don’t want to go down that route. 

Do you have your shares added to your Media Library?

Do you have the Media Library turned on?

Do you have your content source set to My Media Library?  (Go to Videos, then press the red button on the remote)

Yes that is the case.

It’s [\server\dvds_moviename_\video_ts](/t5/forums/replypage/board-id/streaming_discussions/message-id/) *.ifo and *.vob

Ramias wrote:

Yes that is the case.


It’s [\server\dvds_moviename_\video_ts](/t5/forums/replypage/board-id/streaming_discussions/message-id/) *.ifo and *.vob

Hopefully its VIDEO_TS (uppercase) if you want to play as a DVD with menu’s etc.

yes, UPPER_CASE :slight_smile:

Have you tried pressing play on the VIDEO_TS folder.