Playing WD HD Live Through HDMI Switch via AV Receiver that is hooked to LCD


Has anyone had any success connecting their WD HD Live through a HDMI switch box that runs to a receiver that HDMI out to an LCD television with success? If so, what HDMI switch do you use. The reason I ask is that I have mine configured this way and have issues connecting; the screen is all scattery and flicks. I get an error message that the device isn’t recognized and I cannot play NetFlix. However, when I run my WD HD Live direct to my receiver’s HDMI input; the the thing works crystal clear. It’s just a drag to disconnect the HDMI line that runs from the receiver to HDMI switch box and hook it up to the WD HD Live device.  My receiver has three HDMI inputs, but are being used by other devices like the cable box etc.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.




Netflix has a definite handshaking issue with some things and this might be the problem.  But it’s worth a try to change your Plus output settings from “auto” to some set HDMI resolution (go to the audio/video settings and change it under HDMI).



You are “Johnny on the spot”. Thanks again for your prompt reply. What HDMI setting would you recommend?




Well, you set it for whatever your output device can handle – you want the highest setting, naturally, but you may need to either experiment or look in your HDTV manual to see.