Playing wav files on the hub and PS3

I just set up my live hub.  I got it for two primary reasons to stream netflix, which it does well and to play wav and

stream wav  files, because they are lossless, of my large music collection.  I cannot use flacs because  I also want to stream them to my playstation 3, which won’t play flacs.  I am having two problems and if I cannot

resolve them I will have to return  the hub to amazon.  I am ripping the cd’s directly to the live hub using windows media player.

  1. On the playstation 3  all the albums show up as unknown making it useless. This does not happen if I rip them

as mp3’s.

  1. On the hub all the albums play in reverse track order, which is pretty annoying.
  1.  It’s the PS3’s problem, not the Hub’s.   The Hub will stream just about ANYTHING via DLNA.   But the PS3 won’t play much.

  2.  Then stop annoying yourself and change the sort order.   :wink:

Thanks for the quick responses but  could you clarify.

1.  The PS3 will play the files just fine its just that if they are not mp3’s, i,e, they are wav’s, they show up as unknown.

But if they are mp3’s they show up with right names.  Are you implying that this is  a PS3 problem. I find that strange because it can see wav’s from other sources correctly.

2.  If I sort alphabetically then the album plays in the right order, thanks for that.

 Is there some way to make the hub always sort alphabetically as a default so I don’t have to do that everytime before I play an album

Thanks again.

As far as I can tell, once you change the order, it’s remembered forever…   I’ve never had to change mine again…

What other sources are you comparing to that show WAVs correctly?

For example when I try to play wav’s from my pc they show up the artists name and not unknown on the ps3

What software are you running on your PC to serve files to the PS3?

As far as I kmow its just windows media player.  When I hooked up the ps3 the pc asked if I wanted

to share files with it and I clicked to allow sharing.