Playing videos in endless loop


I have got 2 WD TV live HD (with WLAN) with the last FW 1.15.10. I am using them in a shop to play videos in a loop.

The videos are PowerPoint presentations converted to *.wmv (in HD) and loaded on a 4GB USB stick to play them from there. The videos (mostly its only one) are working okay.

But when I use an endless loop sometimes this is running for several days without stopping and then suddenly the screen saver (WD logo) appears. So I have to restart it but very often it is only running through once or twice and stops again. This is more than annoying because I have to check frequently per day if it is still running or not.

These problems I had already with earlier versions of the FW.

My settings on the player are:

Repeat all (endless), which I have tried to set with options during playback or in the setup menu, seems to make no difference

Auto play

and Media library OFF (hint here in the board)

So I am nerved with that behavior.

Please could give me somebody hints or tell me what I am making wrong?

I am having the same issue. I made a presentation in keynote and conerted it to a quicktime movie. It plays on the wdtv under movie files, but will not loop, even though the setting for the file is set to loop on the wdtv. It just goes straight to the screen saver after it plays through once. I have changed the screen savers setting to never and still nothing. I thought maybe there was an issue because the quicktime movie also had the loop setting on when I created the file, so I even made a new video without the looping feature, hoping that the wdtv looping feature would take over. This is so frustrating. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Hi blacklotus,

are you playing the movie from an USB stick or disk or from a shared network drive? In case of USB have you connected it to port 1? Because the manual says only from USB port 1 this is working. What FW version is loaded?

The problem is with my WDTV live (Gen3) that the behavior is so unpredictable. When it stopped playing in endless loop (after playing for a while,which it does sometimes) than I often have to restart it several times and then it works for a while again. But anyway its annoying looking the day round if its working or not.

Up till now I also have not really a solution.


i am having a very similar problem,

2 wdtv hubs that we are trying to use to play a mix of recorded power points and short video clips on the two custom tv  channels in our lineup at our fitness center.  latest firmware as of 5/6/13, but this has been an ongoing problem for the last 3 or so firmware updates.  somewhere along the way the looping just broke.  at the advise of other threads i have tried keeping it unplugged from the network while looping, but that hasnt helped. 

the only added wrinkle to the OP’s problem is that my videos will play thru and then loop the folder like they are supposed to, and will keep doing it, until it suddenly just stops and goes to screen saver.  it can be 2 days or 2 hours.  never more than 2 or 3 days.  once it goes to screen saver, it seems to recover with the remote, but stays unstable till i power cycle it.

update: i also sometimes get the unsupported file format error.  this doesnt make sense, as these files play ok earlier in the loop.