Playing Music Gaplessly

I know this is more for Live Music and jazz fans.   But I’d like to know if WDTV ever plans to address the issue of playing music gaplessly (without the 1-2 second gap between tracks)

A good portion of my music is live concert (jazz , rock and classical) and the 2 second break is midly disturbing.  There are many pop albums (The Beatles Abbey Road, Pink Floyd et al) that work best with gapless sound 

You can vote for that feature here…

but i would’nt hold your breath  (thread is about 2-3 years old)

Another option, in lieu of hoping for change, is you could stitch your tracks together to make an album-wrap - one long continuous track - and that would solve your problem in a different manner. It takes some time, but for your favorites, it might be worth the effort.

There are drawbacks in that if you want to start on track 3 because the first few are not your favorites, you’ll have to “jump to” the time they start, and know that rather closely to avoid FF or RW in the dark.

There are many freeware programs for this.

Tony explained why it’s not possible on this hardware, just do a search.

Techflaws wrote:

Tony explained why it’s not possible on this hardware, just do a search.

Tony’s explanation is in the link i posted above ^

and again here V

Thanks Joey

Its one of my biggest bugaboos with the box.   I dunno why gapless audio is such a big deal.  I have other platforms to play audio gaplessly (Logitech Squeezebox and my computer with a DAC) but its slightly disappointing that its not available on this platform