Playing music from computer through

Hi all,

Thought I would start with my setup.

WDTV connected to TV via hdmi 

WDTV connected to stereo via digital cable

WDTV connected to LAN via RG45 cable

I can see the hard disk connected to my WDTV from my PC.  

Is there a way to play music through my stereo via the WDTV from my computer?

When I play music on that is on the hard disk connected to my WDTV is comes out the speakers on my computer.

I would like it to come out of the speakers connected to the stereo connected to my WDTV.



Play your music thru WDTV and it will come thru your reciever

 If you have Windows 7 installed, there should be function called “Play To” and WD TV Live supports it. You can try. Unfortunately i have been running  XP on my PC, so I don’t know exactly how it works. Let us know if you succeed.