Playing multiple files without interruption

Hi. I’m planning to get a media player in order to watch downloaded vids on my TV instead of the PC. I’d like the player to behave in the way that GOM Player or KMPlayer do i.e. when one vid ends the next starts playing automatically. I’ve been told that the media player I had my eye on – WDTV Live Hub – doesn’t do this, everything stops at the end of the selected vid. Is this the case or is there a way that the Hub CAN play multiple files sequentially? My thanks for any replies.

That’s not completely correct.  Depending on the filter you are using, you can have all your videos play continuously.  So for instance, if you filter by folder (so that you navigate by each folder) and you have a bunch of videos in that folder (as long as they are not in another folder), then to play those videos one after another you just select INFO then change the Play Mode to play continuous.

You can also create Playlist and continuously play it.

The only problem is that you have to change the Play Mode every time you begin a new batch of vids.  Even though it may say it is in continuous play, you have manually switch it back into that mode. This is a firmware bug that hopefully will be corrected in the next release.

That’s good to know. Thanks, Tinwarble.

“you just select INFO then change the Play Mode to play continuous.” Hi again - could you explain where to find these options please? There’s no INFO key on my remote and I see nothing similar onscreen. Many thanks.

Sorry, should have said the “Option” button.

I was thinking of how I have my Harmony Remote setup for the HUB.  My “Info” button on my Harmony is the “Option” button on the HUBs remote.  I had a little of a brain dump on that.

Thanks for that. With a folder onscreen, pressing Options merely gives me the following: Move / Copy / Delete / Edit Multiple I see no option to ‘change the Play Mode to play continuous’ as mentioned by you. However, in Video Settings, I have chosen ‘Repeat All’. When I select an individual file by way of the Play button (not the OK button) all sequential files in that folder will play automatically (excellent!). But I’m still curious about your description of ‘Play Mode: continuous’. Can you tell me any more? I can confirm having the current Firmware installed. My thanks once again.

I’ve got to the bottom of it! ‘Play Mode’ (repeat one/repeat all) only appears onscreen when Options is pressed WHILE MEDIA IS BEING PLAYED. I’d been pressing options when no playback of anything was underway. Thanks again for your assistance.