Playing mp3 files


I can see the mp3 files from the MCH mobile app (on Android) but I can’t play any. When I click on it, it says “Open with…” and then it shows me different ways to share it but not play it.

How can I do that ? I’m surprised the question hasn’t been asked often (I only saw it once but the person eventually returned the device because he didn’t find a solution… :smirk:

Thanks in advance.

PS: videos play well, either from the mobile app itself or using the SAmsung video player. It’s weird that audio doesn’t work the same…

The My Cloud Home mobile app does not include an mp3 player at this time.
A third party player app is required.

I’ve installed the VLC player on my Android mobile (Samsung S7 Edge) but
it still doesn’t offer VLC as a way of opening the mp3 file. Do I need to
do something specific ? I can’t find any info on the 2 links you gave me.

@danydan The only other option would be to enable Plex and use the Plex app to payback mp3 files

Put your mp3’s in the public map en install samba player on your device. Now you can listen to music on youre fone.

Ther is a solution. Ther is a public map on your wd cloud home. Put there your mp3 files.
Install samba player on your device. Configure the app and you can stream youre mp3 files.