Playing movies from computer

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Could anybody help my, please bare with me as I am a newbie at this and have no idea about the technical words for these thing.

We have a wd live player and have no problems.  We usually connect a cord from the player to the back off our modem and works perfectly until now.  We can still can connect to the internet via the wd player and the TV but can not get any file off our own computer to watch movies, music or photos, and I have checked the firmware thingies and THING all up to date.  I have also tried to reset to factory setting but to no avail.  The only thing we can access is you tube.CAN ANYBODY HELP ME WITH THIS PROBLEM.  iM NOT SURE IF ITS THE WD OR OUR COMPUTER.  Do YOU THINK IT COULD BE THE SETTING CHANGED ON THE WD?  IT VERY FRUSTRATING.

We’ll need just a little more information.  There are two ways to get information from your computer – network shares, or a media server.  When you select “Video” on the WD Live it will give you these choices.  Which are you trying?

If you were trying media server, I’d recommend trying the net shares, but in order to do that you need to properly share the data from your computer.  In Windows 7, for example, you would right click on the folder and go to Properties and then the Sharing tab.  Then you would click on “Share” and you also need to add a share, called “Everyone” to the shares.  It’s also best if you turn password off (which you do at the same place you add the share).  Having done all that you *should* be able to select Network Shares in the WD live menu and see your videos.

I do not recommend using media servers, but there are others here on the forum that can help you if that’s what you want to use.

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thank for that,  um we use vista on computer and we usually use media server on the wd live.  Will try what you said, that.  This might sound silly but do i do that shared file on the computer? Sorry amateur here.

thank you very much for youe help and input

Sorry I forgot too add, for example, I if were wanted to watch a movie or music or photo, would I have to right click on them individually?

You go to the computer folders that contain your videos (not each file, just the folders they are in) and right click on one (or more) of them and do the share as I said (I do believe in Vista you will also need to add the “everyone” to your shares, but I’m no Vista expert by any means).

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WHen I press that share for the net work share would that mean that anyone on the internet can get in to see the files or use them? Or just us at home?

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will give this a go and will get back to you to let you know how I went


It’s just on your local network – as long as either your router or Windows (but not both) have a firewall your network is secure (and they will by default – you actually need to turn them off and then Windows will warn you about it repeatedly).