Playing itunes to my WDLIVE PLUS HD PLAYER?

This is my second thread to this forum.  My first thread was about not being able to make the ocnnection from the unit to my pc through my router, turns out it was from a lightning strike (which damaged other electronic devices) and the internet interface was corrupted.

Let me start by saying I’m not by any  means a pc geek, I get by and have helped a few worse than me.  I now have a second brand new live plus unit and while I am having issues,  it’s starting to come around.  One is that the unit willI not play my itune songs  that I have in my itunes folder on  my pc (windows 7),  I get the message to check to see what files are supported.    I know apple have a drm code but I was able to play them with my first live unit.  It wasn’t pretty (couldn’t play more than one album in a row) but at least it would play. .  I have up to date firmware (1.06.16_B)

In addition, when I try to play the songs, the unit contiinues to scroll through all the song files but won’t play any, until I hit stop

However,  I copied the same songs fron my itunes folder to a usb stick and they play no problem with the unit.

I know there have been several threads about itunes and the support here must be fed up with all of  it.  Sorry to add to it.

Thanks in advance.

So no one here has any problems playing itunes with their media player?

After spending hours fiddling and reading about  permissions, sharing, networks and ownerships, I am finally able to watch my videos and pictures and listen to my Itunes files through the WD Live Plus to my TV.  Still wondering why nobody replied to me.  I am trying to help others but my knowledge is limited with these units, I’m just learning about them, and also about the different configurations for sharing.  There’s probably not enough ressources on this board and I can understand that, it’s not like the support are making millions.

I’m registered in several forums on all kinds of topics and help when I can.  Maybe this WD media player is out of my league.  Not exactly plug and play as I thought.

I think changing ownership and granting permission  of my Itunes folder was the trigger to get my files to play.  But what do I know…

I’d like to thank anyone who at least thought about what my problem was.