Playing files from my mobile phone


I’ve plugged  my phone into my WD TV live and played music files from it but before I go and splash the cash on a new SD card for my phone… will I be able to play BluRay mkv files through it? Will an SD card be able to handle this?

I’m either gonna get a new SD card or a USB stick and I figured I might as well get something I can use in my phone too if it will do the job.


If the flash memory in your phone looks to the world like a THUMB drive when you plug it into a USB Port, then the answer is most likely YES, depending on exactly how the MKVs are formatted…

Great, thanks for the reply. Should the class of the card make any difference? Do I need a particular type of card to handle playing large hd movie files?

As long as the Card and Phone are capable of transferring around 50 megabits per second to the USB, you should be able to play just about anything.