Playing DVDs stored on my cloud on Panasonic TH-P65VT20A

I’m using VieraTools in my TH-P65VT20A Panasonic TV to access dvd/vob files on my locally attached my cloud.

When accessing the files from the TV I can see the follder that contains the vob files. However, unlike software dvd players, the dvd does not start to play when I select the folder … the file contents of the folder are displayed instead. If I select a vob file it plays OK, but instead of automatically selecting and playing the next vob file the playback stops. I can manually select the next vob file however.

This therefore is a very clunky way of playing dvd’s from my cloud. Can it be improved?

TIA Greg

Hello, Welcome to the WD Community. Do you have all the VOB on the same folder? 

I would think is not an issue with the My Cloud as I am using a media player to stream from the drive without an issue, you might want to contact you tv manufacturer to see if they have a way to make your VOB play continuously. Maybe another user in the forums can provide more information.

Yes, all vobs are in the same folder

Have you tried playing the files from another source, like a USB drive? 

Sorry for the delay getting back to you. I transferred the movie from My Cloud to a laptop then USB stick. VLC Media Player on the laptop could play the dvd from the USB without problems. When I inserted the USB into the TV, the TV seemed unable to recognise the USB stick.

I think it might be the case that the TV can only play files off the USB that it recorded itself.